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The New Animal Metaphors & Idioms

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This App is the 800 Hundred Pound Gorilla when comes to learning English idioms and metaphors

Do you know what the above metaphor means?

No worries. This App is going to help students fall in love in learning and speaking the English Language.

What you will get ...

★★★123 Sets of most popular and useful Animal Metaphors & Idioms that is being identified by educators ★★★

★★★Fun science facts to explain why certain animals are used for certain idioms★★★

★★★123 interactive quizzes to deepen understanding★★★

★★★Hit n Learn game to help student better remember idioms and metaphors ★★★

★★★Match n Learn game to enhance student's memory ★★★

Metaphors and idioms are usually part and parcel of a student’s curriculum in school. Student learnt them through textbooks but more often than not, the outcome is not fascinating. In this app, we had carefully picked 123 animals that coupled with interactive animations to bring out the true meaning of the animal metaphors.

Animal idioms and metaphors can be used in composition or conversation as it can greatly enhance and bring out the ideas. In this app, we have carefully chosen 123 most useful and popular animal metaphors/idioms. Each animal metaphors not only come with explanations but also with useful day-to-day examples.

At IM Studio, we believe that a learner learn and assimilate the most when he enjoy the process and is motivated. This app is designed to help your child learn useful idioms and metaphors in a fun and innovative way