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Popcorn Handbook

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This Popcorn Handbook will provide all the information you want to know about popcorn. It will help you enjoy the delights of the ultimate comfort food - popcorn.

Perhaps more than any other food, the smell of popcorn can spawn a flood of memories in folks of all ages: being curled up on the couch with your family taking in a video; gathered around a campfire with friends making Jiffy Pop; licking the butter off your fingers while scarfing up a big bucket of popcorn at the movie theater. That’s why popcorn is the world’s most popular snack.

Popcorn is unique in so many ways. Unlike most of today's popular snacks it's been around for thousands of years. Moreover, popcorn is a snack that both tastes great and is good for you. Come immerse yourself in the world of popcorn by jumping into one of the many topics covered in this app including:

About Popcorn – Covers general popcorn topics such as:
o History
o What is Popcorn?
o Nutrition in Popcorn
o Growing Popcorn
o Types of Popcorn
o Popcorn Storage
o Why Does Popcorn Pop?

Methods of Popping Popcorn – Introduces the seven most popular methods for popping popcorn and provides our recommended step by step process for each method.

Best Popcorn Popper For You – Describes the five types of popcorn poppers available and makes recommendations on the best ones of each type.

Popcorn Supplies – It takes good supplies to make great popcorn. We describe the different types of supplies and give our recommendations for each one. These include:
o Popcorn Kernels
o Popcorn Oil
o Popcorn Seasoning
o Popcorn Containers

Popcorn Recipes – A dozen of our favorite popcorn recipes to get you thinking outside the box on how popcorn can be enjoyed.

Whether you’re a popcorn enthusiast or novice, you will enjoy the wealth of information provided in this Popcorn Handbook.