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Modern Fitness

iPhone / iPad
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Welcome to the Modern Fitness App!

Visit for more app support and workout information.

We have designed Modern Fitness to be EASY TO USE and HASSLE FREE. This keeps you from wasting time programming options into your workout. Just pick a workout that interests you.

The Modern Fitness App includes 14 WORKOUTS: Beginner Circuit, Easy Circuit, Intermediate Circuit, Advanced Circuit, Medball One, Tubing One, Dumbbell One, Stability Ball One, Upperbody Blast, Lower Body Blast, Core Blast, Stretch It Out, Runners Helper, and Healthy Back.

A DESCRIPTION of the workout will be given with a list of EXERCISES. If the
WORKOUT looks good to you then Press BEGIN WORKOUT!

During your WORKOUT each EXERCISE has a description and picture on the timer page. If you need more instruction on how to perform a particular workout just hit the PLAY button on the image and you will get a VIDEO DEMONSTRATION.

Perform each exercise for the allotted time. Don’t worry about counting reps. You may need to take short breaks during each exercise, at first. As you get in better shape you will be able to exercise throughout the whole time. The timer counts down each exercise in the workout and then advances to the next exercise. Rest if you need to, then press START to continue the workout. You can also ADVANCE or REWIND through the workout.

Once you’ve finished your workout you will get a chance to LOG your efforts. This will help track your progress and let you repeat the workouts you really like.

Control your MUSIC without leaving the app. Tap the Music button on the top right of the Workout screen. This reveals music controls to play, pause, track forward, track backward, turn repeat mode on/off, and adjust volume. The Music Controls screen also displays song artwork, song title, artist name, and album title. Tap the Music Library button on the top right of Music Controls screen and many more music library tools are revealed. By selecting songs from your playlists you can create a new temporary playlist for your workout. When you finish your workout the music is paused automatically.

To make the workouts HARDER just increase the weight for your dumbbells, tubing or medicine balls or reduce your rest time. To make it EASIER just do the opposite.

Once again it’s all in the doing, so have fun with the app.