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My Great Life

  • Productivity
  • Health & Fitness
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Do you often have the feeling that you don't achieve your personal goals?
Are you stressed out without knowing why?
Do you have doubts about the deeper meanings of life?

My Great Life is a toolbox to help you achieve a more fulfilled life. It fosters your creativity and helps you finding your purpose. You are the creator of your life, every day anew!
My Great Life is a great tool to help you plan your daily life. Even the longest journey starts with the first step. Motivate yourself daily to take small steps every day to the life of your dreams. Implement new perspectives and powerful affirmations into your subconscious mind with many examples texts and audio recordings. Most importantly you are challenged to enter your own visions, affirmations, goals & wishes!

This is how My Great Life will support you:

- identify your inner saboteurs and banish them with powerful affirmations
- envision you most beautiful day
- define your goals and wishes
- animate your affirmations, goals and wishes
- load your visionboard image

- structure your personal projects with activities and task
- manage your daily tasks and your contacts

- keep a journal of gratitude
- practice gratitude and the art of giving
- envision your prosperous life

- reflect on you current personal situation
- document your development with a graphical "wheel of life"

- relaxe your mind and body with recording meditation and relaxation session
- record your own session or ask someone else to record it for you e.g. your Yoga teacher.