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PyMOL on the iPad is a high-performance enterprise-class 3D molecular visualizer. It was designed from the ground up for the iPad and provides beautiful molecular graphics in a highly intuitive interface.

We took mobile molecular visualization to the next level. You can display proteins, nucleic acids, and other chemical structures in a wide variety of representations: lines, sticks, ball-and-stick, spheres/CPK, ribbons, cartoons, putty, meshes, and surfaces. You can search for and download structures from the PDB, PubChem, and your own Dropbox folder. And since PyMOL on the iPad was designed to help enterprise users make better-informed decisions on-the-go, you can also securely access your own enterprise project data via our custom enterprise PyMOL server (for details, please visit

PyMOL on the iPad supports a variety of common structure formats, including PDB, SDF, MOL, MOL2, PSE (PyMOL Session), and PSW (PyMOL Show). Completing the enterprise experience, we've provided an integrated image viewer with a PDF reader. Now, you can access your structural data and methods/protocols all within one app.

• View 3D molecular structures, images, and PDFs
• Search and download data from the PDB, PubChem, Dropbox, or your own secure custom PyMOL enterprise server
• Intuitively interactive: rotate, pan, twist, zoom, center, and adjust clipping planes, all with simple gestures
• Select atoms, residues, molecules, chains, objects, etc -- just by tapping the screen
• Easy-to-use visualization presets cover the majority of visualization needs
• Distance calculations
• Structure alignments
• Anaglyph 3D
• Take screenshots and create ray traced images for the ultimate in structure rendering
• Upload images to Dropbox or save directly to Photos
• Paste screenshots into other Apps like Mail and Notability
• Solid and gradient colored backgrounds