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For use with the lilitab swipe from Lilitab LLC. LilySwipe provides customers using the lilitab swipe iPad accessory the mechanism to get data from a swiped credit card to their Point of Sale (POS) web page.

A default web page is provided so you can begin using your lilitab swipe right away. The web page provides test fields you can use for tasks such as parsing card data, as well as a raw data field that allows you to immediately see card data, ideal for debugging your own JavaScript methods.

Note that the default page is titled "swipe.html" and is to be used for ISO (bank cards). To test with an AAMVA card (Driver's License) set the default page to "swipe-dmv.html".

LilySwipe provides an ideal solution for customers wishing to get started quickly with the lilitab swipe but do not want a native application.

All you need do is define the home page, your POS web page, in LilySwipe's Settings and set the name of the JavaScript method to which you want the raw track data passed. That's it!
You have complete control over what you want to do with the data. LilySwipe passes the complete track data to your JavaScript method. You can parse the data, display authentication information for customers, and send the transaction to your back-end payment gateway.

Also, LilySwipe provides a simple kiosk power management mode. If the iPad is plugged in and charging, you can force the iPad to not go into hibernate (sleep) mode. This can be found in Settings, under the Kiosk Power Management heading. This will override any autolock time that has been set. To always use the autolock timeout, set this to OFF.