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1+1 Lite

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--Lite Version: only three levels are open for testing. Full version can be got with in-app--
1+1 helps to teach children how to add numbers from 1 to 10. The app doesn’t use any words, so the app can be used for children in any language. Based on the Leitner-System, means questions will be repeated again and again as long as the child learned the answer. Can also be used for older children to perfect what they have learned.
The app is tested by teachers, what you can find below in references."I had great fun playing with the app :-) Possible Classroom Uses: 1. Connect the device to a projector and use it to review basic addition skills. 2. Let children explore the app individually. How many levels can they complete successfully? 3. Use the app alongside practical equipment to support children’s counting and addition skills." "1+1 is a fantastic math app for our little ones! It is based on a concept of repetition yet our kids will never notice as the colorful presentation and the constant positive reinforcement keeps them going! If they get a wrong answer there is a subtle sound and the problem will be repeated until it is apparent that they know the correct answer. You can reset the app back to new in the info page. This would be a great classroom and preschool app! This app is a great addition to your kid’s toolbox for life!" "1+1 is a great math app to practice math. It is simple and well designed to help kids learn all the required steps to deal with simple math. Fun Educational Apps would highly recommend to kids just starting learning about math." "Your app 1+1 is included in our new curriculum, which is being rolled out to thousands of additional students this fall." "1+1 is a well thought out app that works well in both home and school. I recommend it to children from 4 years and up." "1+1 is a useful tool for all parents with school starters or preschoolers who want to prepare for the first class."


The app is split in nine levels. In every level there are six equations, which the child has to solve.
The app is based on a modification of the Leitner system:
That means, the questions are repeated until the child gives the right answer. Thus, the answers will be incorporated into the memory. So it creates a real learning effect.
If child did all correct, the level is finished and in case, child got enough scores, next level will be opened. To get the third star, child has to play the level again.

Recommended for ages 5 - 8


'The 1+1 program is an adequate introduction in mathematical basic experiences and understanding for pre-school-age children and newcomers in school.
The design of the program enables them to do the lessons by their own. Children like the layout with the clear colors and shapes.
After each lesson the program motivates the children by an encouragement.
As a headmaster with many years of experience I can give my best recommendations to the 1+1 program.'

Ludwig Hanisch, director primary school, Germany

'The 1 + 1 program of the company creasoft is a by methodical / didactic aspects developed learning software for children of the first primary school class. It practices the addition in the numerical range to 10. Psychological aspects of learning were at the iphone/ipad - app considered and also a motivating, age-appropriate layout and intuitive operability.
In my view, the app is recommended as a complementary medium for learning and practicing very much.'

Jürgen Haller, director high school, specialized in edutainment, Germany

'The very clear tasks of this educational game make fun!
They ask and encourage the concentration inconspicuous,
because the joy of solving the tasks is in the foreground.
This successful combination leads to successful learning.'

Anne Claßen, teacher primary school, Germany