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Translate Voice

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"Translate Voice", a real vocal interpreter, will definitely become part of your essential applications! You want to travel abroad, but don't understand the language? Not to worry! Discover this revolutionary application that will solve your communication problems anywhere in the world.

Choose a language of your choice and your message, either spoken or written, will be momentaneously translated both orally and in written. This allows you to visually see the spelling of your message and hear the pronunciation in the desired language.

"Translate Voice" includes 34 languages, among which are:

- English (US)
- English (UK)
- French (EU)
- German"
- English (AUS)
- French (CAN)
- Italian
- Spanish (EU)
- Spanish(MX)
- Spanish(US)
- Japanese
- Mandarin Chinese
- Cantonese Chinese
- Taiwanese Mandarin
- Dutch
- Korean
- Swedish
- Norwegian
- Danish
- Polish
- Portuguese (EU)
- Portuguese (BR)
- Russian

Needless to say, as soon as you put your feet in a foreign country, "Translate Voice" will save your life.

messages can be copy/pasted, sent by SMS, email, twitter or even facebook.

How does it work? First, as for most applications, access to Internet is necessary. All you need to do is choose the language of your choice, press the “microphone” icon and start talking! In a matter of seconds, "Translate Voice" will read out your translated words. The recording capacity is unlimited so the length of your recording can be as long as you desire.
You can also type your text and "Translate Voice" will once again translate it instantaneously.

In a nutshell, "Translate Voice" will become your personal "spokesperson"