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ThumbTab is the latest in mobile anesthesia charting software! Modeled after the paper charts that anesthesia providers are familiar with, ThumbTab allows for rapid, legible, electronic charting of surgical cases.

At the core is a beautiful, intuitive user interface that allows the provider to chart perioperative data as the time-based grid moves from right to left. The provider can also move back in time by sliding the grid to edit data points as needed. Once the case is complete, the chart is saved in PDF format and can be sent to required parties like billing and medical records.

Account setup – Create user profile to password protect the application and cases.

Patient Management – Provide basic patient information for new cases and view pending and previously completed cases.

PreOp – Enter health history information including current medications and allergies.

Case Info – Document case details including airway management, patient safety/quality initiatives, regional anesthesia, and tourniquet.

Emergency Mode – Allows providers to skip setup screens and move straight into charting. Once the case is under control, the setup information can be entered.

Charting – Record all intraoperative data using the unique user interface. Move through the various sections of data entry by using the tabs. Sections include: blood pressure, heart rate, temperature, fluids, cardio pulmonary, drugs, agents, gases, and a notes section for text entry.

Final Record - Completed chart as PDF with vitals, drugs, patient safety/quality initiatives, diagnosis, surgical procedure, regional anesthesia, PACU vitals, and electronic signature.