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Live with the Wind.

iPhone / iPad
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This is a simply game which can be operated single hand.
In a train, even while holding the strap, it can play!
Can use Online leaderboards on GameCenter.
Can use Tweet a result on Twitter.

[Recommended Hardware]
iPhone5 / iPhone4S / iPhone4 / iPod touch 4th generation
and later

[How to Play]
A player operates a glider.
Tries how far to be able to continue flying!
Since the glider cannot surface by itself, it descends little by little.
You caught an "updraft" and it keeps a glider from falling.

There are "downdraft" and "tailwind".
If a "downdraft" is held, an altitude will fall and a "fair wind" will be held, the speed of a glider will rise.

If it continues catching a "tailwind" continuously, its "ACCEL-COMBO" will increase.
Catching a "tailwind" continuously, if all intermediate winds (an updraft or a downdraft) are also caught, "ULTRA-COMBO" will increase.
Moreover, three obstacles, a "balloon", an "airship", and a "pinweel", exist.
You will avoid these well!
If a glider collides with an obstacle, an altitude will fall sharply.

If the "updraft" is caught continuously, the height of a pinweel will be extended rapidly.
Will catch positively not only an updraft but a downdraftand a tailwind.
The height of a pinweel will not be extended, if the number of acquisition of an "updraft" progresses so that it may become less than the number of acquisition of the "downdraft" + "tailwind."

More evening or night, the glider to fall than during the day.
Catch the updraft at the evening or night.

If an obstacle is collided with a glider will dive. but If an updraft or a downdraft is caught, nose diving will stop.