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Finally an App has come out: Simply "Lovely Japanese girl watches YOU" !!!
Supervised by a Japanese comedian Kendo Kobayashi!!

“Watching cute girl” is just a simple App that a girl watches you.
Please use this app : For example, when you be working alone / be having dinner alone / need powers of concentration / want to feel eyes from someone / etc..

You can become friendly with “Watching girl”.
“Watching girl” has various facial expression by videos over 180 kinds.
If she had favorable impression to you, you may hear any unexpected words from her.

*Main Function

** Monologue
Cute girl ”YUI” talks to herself in any timing and will show her presence.

** Give responses
Cute girl ”YUI” gives responses to your voices. You can enjoy talking with her / let join her to your group.

** Don’t touch her
When you lift up or touch your phone, gets upset a little.

** Memories
This app remembers the memories you had been watched by Cute girl ”YUI”.

** Favorable impression
When cute girl has favorable impression to you, she will takes up a little welcoming attitude.

Turning on this function, she calls you “Kobayashi”.
All Kobayashi people will be happy. How special function is!

** GPS
Coming soon!

** For iPad
Coming soon!

* Enabled devices
iPhone4, 4S, 5 and iPod Touch 4th generation with after iOS4.1.
Doesn’t work on iPhone3G, 3GS and iPod touch 3rd generation.

Wi-Fi enable

*About this project
“Choco-Banana” is one of the corner in the monthly magazine “Web Designing”,
the project of creating new products by comedians with digital creators.
This project has been realized by..
‘Fantasy comedian’ Kendo Kobayashi
have corporate philosophy ‘Think funny and eccentric’ Ningen Inc.

Panning and Production: Ningen Inc.
Developing: Tongullman Inc.
Superviser: Kendo Kobayashi
Cooperator: Yoshimoto Kogyo.