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50 methods improving your life for the best

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This is 50 numbers of knowledge that the life is improved for the better to you who want to change oneself!
Weir, selfish belief, friendship light widely, former lover ...
You will feel comfortable if you cut off a disturbing thing with a single stroke!
You can become oneself new!

One which does not need to be all is all right. Because I do not suffer a loss, try it. ——
We explain the story that your life improves for the better using an illustration clearly by the author of a lot of books abandoning a conventional way of thinking and custom with a single stroke.
Both the person that you did not read a business book and a self-culture book so far and the one where of course it is read a lot are required reading!


The indecisive man who is seized with a past weir.
The person who has been tired from human relations.
The person who does not go well even if you do anything.
The person who demands healing.
The person who wants a lover.

【Table of contents】

<Chapter 1>First method
1.Change oneself who is easy to be hurt
2.Change oneself who is poor at temptation
3.Change oneself who is apt to give it up
4.Change oneself who only envies winners
5.Change oneself jaundiced
6.Change a fixed idea
7.Change oneself who is polite

<Chapter 2>Second method -family & friendship-
13.Throw an unforgettable past lover
14.Throw a thought that though you do not want to marry, you want a child
15.Throw a friend, the lover who stops your growth
16.Throw an excessive expectation to a lover
17.Throw a thought that there is not love luck
18.Throw a thought to change loneliness
19.Throw a feeling to want to marry while I am young
20.Throw a life for your familiy
21.Throw a healing

<Chapter 3>Third method
28.Change yourself to be shy
29.Throw a lie concerning oneself
30.Change yourself who dislikes decision
31.Change yourself reckless
32.Throw an ideal
33.Throw a selfish belief
34.Throw a dull vanity
35.Throw a feeling to want to have a lot of friends
36.Change yourself strong-minded

<Chapter 4>Fourth method -A last spurt! Lifestyle-
39.Change yourself who is seized with oneiromancy
40.Change yourself who is seized with blood fortune-telling
41.Change yourself who depends on brand-name products
42.Throw a custom to use the emoticon of the email
43.Change yourself who is not behaved like a baby
44.Throw a white night
45.Throw a morning not to be clear
46.Throw the lifestyle that the circumference says
47.Change your postponement constitution



〇Hideki Wada
He is a psychiatrist to be born in 1960.Graduate from the Tokyo University medical department; United States curl Menninger mind medical school international fellow. He is an international medical welfare university professor specializing in psychogeriatrics, psychoanalysis (particularly self-psychology), group psychotherapy studies. A lot of the books including "jealousy studies" "creation of the elite" were published by him. Around fields such as psychology, an educational issue, human resources development, the examination for university, he is energizing.