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OneOnOne is for professionals in the finance industry: Mortgage Brokers and Managers, Lenders, Financial Advisers, Property Investors and anyone who deals with loans in a professional capacity.

OneOnOne is a loan analysis package which can be used to :-
- assist in the selection of a home or commercial / business / investment loan
- demonstrate the features of a loan product and compare loan product types or products from different vendors.
- perform what if analysis on an existing loan.
- advise on the impact of extra deposits/withdrawals, or interest rate changes.
- perform re-finance analysis and decision making.
- report on interest deductions available by producing a date sensitive yearly interest table for the life of the loan.

OneOnOne has the ultimate in flexibility in terms of setting up and comparing loan scenarios. This is so because anything that can be done in a loan account can be done in OneOnOne.

Loan Simulation, Loan Comparison,
What If Analysis, Loan Feature Demonstration.

- Current Loan vs. Refinance Option
- Product One vs. Product Two
- Current Loan vs. Scratch Pad (What If ?)
- Line of Credit vs. Regular Term Loan
- Extra Repays ?
- Redraws ?
- Change in Repayments ?
- Interest rate changes ?
- Salary in & Expenses out !
- Once Only and Regular Deposits !
- Once Only and Regular Withdrawals !
- Honeymoon, fixed, discount variable rates !
- Up front, ongoing, transaction and exit fees !
- Portfolio management, reporting and comparison !

Multiple clients and multiple loans for each client.
Printouts are customised with your Business name and phone details.

OneOnOne is a powerful and flexible loan analysis and comparison tool, incorporating exact day amortisation and transaction date specification.


- local Currency Symbol is used.
- currently English language, but British or US spelling can be selected.
- Date format options mm/dd/yyyy or dd/mm/yyyy. The default will be selected on installation based on your locality but it can be changed by you.
- Default compound/capitalisation frequency can be specified to your “most used” option. Factory default is monthly. It can be modified for individual loans.