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COREDRIVE - Share your files visually. Easy and safe.

iPhone / iPad
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COREDRIVE is an application that can provide previews for more than 260 different types of file formats, allowing you to share files easily, quickly and safely with other members by posting comments and affixing stamps.
You can use up to 5GB for free, so please go ahead and use it to share files for work or private use!

COREDRIVE is the most useful and easy-to-use cloud storage service.
There are three reasons for this.

First of all, it provides previews for more than 260 different types of file formats. The COREDRIVE application for the iPhone and iPad allows you to view and share standard file types such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, as well as special file formats such as from Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign.
Additionally, it also supports approximately 20 types of video files, 10 types of sound files, approximately 50 types of image files including PDF, approximately 60 types of document/language files, reaching a total of more than 260 different file types.
This is the cloud storage service that provides previews for the largest number of file types in the world!

Moreover, boards allow you to share documents easily.
They can be used to manage all previewable files based on your requirements. You can create a group board for your work colleagues or friends and share files with them, or you can also easily share files by making them publicly available to everyone.
In addition, you can add comments or affix stamps to each file, so you can verify their details easily and smoothly, giving you the confidence that files are being shared without any mishaps.

And finally, this service works over a variety of platforms, over the web (Mac/Windows) and on the iPhone/iPad. For example, you can upload a file that you have used at work with the web version of COREDRIVE, which would then allow you to view files anytime and anywhere using the COREDRIVE application, even when they are in formats that were not viewable before on an iPhone/iPad.

COREDRIVE enriches your life by supporting your activities both at work and for private use.

Going forward into the future, COREDRIVE shall continue to make great efforts to develop and manage a cloud storage service that is easy to use by removing the difficulties inherent in file sharing.