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Pokyo The Alien: the FREE monster arcade puzzle game

iPhone / iPad
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Pokyo the Alien
Welcome Pokyo! This mischievous little alien is full of surprises and needs your help to stay out of trouble! This innovative maze game is the newest release from and will keep your entire family occupied as Pokyo invades your iPhones and your hearts!
What is Pokyo the Alien?
Pokyo the Alien is a creative and unique maze game that has much more to it than meets the eye! As you begin the game and meet Pokyo, you will need to collect specific items while blasting your way through walls and barriers in order to trap your opponents, who are also, Pokyo’s enemies! The twist is that with each level that you complete, the challenges and the enemies get more and more difficult until you feel like Pokyo may be doomed! The heart-pounding action increases as the walls close in on you and your timer gets dangerously low! Oh, did I forget to mention that you are being timed?!
Pokyo the Alien features simple and vivid graphics that are bright and cheerful. The controls are easy and very intuitive so all family members, both young and old, will find it very entertaining and user-friendly!
There are many challenges to overcome in order to help Pokyo. With 40 unique and creative boards to progress through, the stress and tension mount with each victory! The beginning stages of Pokyo are simple enough to introduce any new player to the game. Take this opportunity to learn the controls and bond with little Pokyo because before you know it, his life is on the line and it’s up to you to keep him out of trouble!
Star items are what you are really after in this game. These items are collected in order to gain points which allow you to progress through each level. With the use of strategy, you will be able to devise routes which lead to these items and gain valuable bonuses. Collecting these star items is not easy though! Along the way you will have to face impossible enemies and formidable obstructions! You cannot use brute force to progress through this game; it’s all about strategy and trickery!
This is one of the most innovative games released by FabFunApps to date. The advanced playability allows for many choices and progressively detailed and complex gameplay! Once you begin playing Pokyo, you won’t be able to stop!
You will find Pokyo the Alien in the App Store or you can get to him directly at