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Photography: A Snapshot of the Early Days

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Compiled by Tarkan Rosenberg, the Photography: A Snapshot of the Early Days app provides readers with a survey of traditional photography and traditional photographic processes from the 19th Century.

This app offers a brief overview of the early days of photography, ranging from the early 19th century through the first few decades of the 20th century, and featuring a variety of samples from “how-to” books that highlight various photographic processes to examples of various photographic society journals and periodicals. The collection also features a sample of images to illustrate various early photographic processes such as daguerreotypes, tintypes, gum bichromates and others. Readers will also be able to read a small sample of obscure novels featuring photography as a major theme.

App Features:

• High Resolution Images: View books, images and documents in high resolution. You can easily zoom in to see the smallest details. You may even see library marks within the books, just as you would if you held the book in real life.

• Offline Bookshelf: Download the books for easy reading, anytime.

All artifacts within this app are available only in English.