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Patricia Piccinini: Mother Love

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Mutants and Hybrids and Clones…Oh My!

You’ve seen the headlines. Scientists have cracked the genomic code—the code that makes us uniquely human yet connects us to all living thing. From test tube babies to designer genes, from Dolly the Sheep to Glofish and Enviropigs, new advances in genetic science are changing the landscape of life itself. . . and sparking a firestorm of debate. Proponents see the end of disease and starvation; opponents fear man-made contagions and race-breeding. Like it or not, the future is here.

Everybody in the (gene) pool! Embracing this brave new world of possibilities, artist Patricia Piccinini creates a virtual nursery of human/animal hybrids, moon-eyed mutations, and transgenic creations. Her tender visions of art imitating life imitating science that already exists are raw, vulnerable, and all too human. They are the next generation of Frankensteins. Not monsters. Not mistakes. They are us. And, like us, they need love.


Designed for the serious student and armchair art fan alike, Art Intelligence lets you get into art-your way, the artist's way, every way.

1. INTRODUCTION. Your first glimpse into the artist’s life and times. See the big picture before diving into the work.

2. GALLERY. Feast your eyes on the artist’s greatest hits and inspirations. A curated archive of high-resolution images at your fingertips. Up close. In-depth. Absolutely gorgeous.

3. TIMELINE. Navigate and explore two interactive, parallel time streams. Make connections between the art, the history and the world at large.

4. VISUAL BIOGRAPHY. Meet the artist, up close and personal. Experience the story of a lifetime, in words and pictures.

5. RESOURCES. A bibliography that give you access to all the resources cited within the app, so you can learn even more.


The Patricia Piccinini app is powered by Art Intelligence, the first and only app-building platform that makes it easy and affordable for art and education professionals to connect people to pictures, images to ideas, and world-class art to world-wide audiences