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The Metamorphosis for iPad

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**2014 Finalist for the Digital Book Awards**

"The Digital Book Awards recognizes innovation, creativity and excellence in all aspects of digital book publishing."

The Metamorphosis for iPad brings an entirely new reading experience to the iPad, using the tablet’s exploratory, multimedia features to shape how stories will be told in the digital age. This app presents Kafka’s masterpiece like it could not be told on any other platform.


- Complete text of the original story
- 35 original, interactive illustrations
- Unique typographical design
- Links to resources and essays
- Bookmark your favorite scenes
- Continue reading where you left off

Visually stunning, with original artwork to complement the complete, actual text, this seminal story comes to life for a new generation in a manner all its own. The Metamorphosis for iPad allows the reader to not only read, but to take part in this story.

This is achieved by introducing a new manner of story presentation, where “scenes” replace “pages” and content can be experienced undisrupted by the arbitrary confines of a physical book's structure. Instead of traditional breaks in the story necessitated by space, this edition presents each one of Kafka’s scenes as an uninterrupted, coherent experience, allowing the story itself to drive the pace.

Story and illustration are seamlessly intertwined to recreate each scene on the infinite canvas of your iPad. These scenes create an entirely different reading experience, comprised of original Illustrations that become the context in which text can manifest. Moving through the story is achieved by using gesture (swiping, pinching, etc.) to navigate through the complete text in an interactive way that adds a level of meaningful metaphor to the story’s content.

These illustrations and the designed gestures readers use to traverse them, are far from a literalization of the text. Rather, they exist to provide an atmosphere, deliberately leaving the openness to interpretation that makes Kafka’s work so dynamic.

Pinch and pull your way through Kafka’s world with this new approach to storytelling in the digital age. Move beyond the page into the infinite canvas of the tablet, and experience The Metamorphosis coming to life on the screen.