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MIDI Pattern Sequencer

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MIDI Pattern Sequencer is a tool with powerful and at the same time very comfortable, intuitive and easy interface. It is the main feature, through which the sequencer can easily used by anyone, from beginner to professional, and everyone will find it most necessary for their own purposes.

The sequencer does not produce the sound. It is designed to control via MIDI any external sound modules, samplers, synthesizers and other applications running on iPad or another computer. Full support for external MIDI interfaces, network and virtual ports, synchronization with external devices and transport control makes this sequencer like playback control center for music devices or other applications.

The best things:

● Indispensable tool in creation of final composition or experiments with rhythm and phrase patterns.

● User interface is designed so that all features of the current mode are available immediately or through one or two steps.

● Can be operated with one hand, even with one finger, in any place of your workspace to which you can reach.

● Does not have complicated gestures, very small elements which are inconvenient for clicks, clumsy scrolling and distracting realistic interface elements. Just only single click and move fader.

Main features:

● Classical data structure: Project - Song - Pattern.
● Pattern tracks can be configured for notes or drum events.
● Support CC/RPN/NRPN automation controllers for patterns (learn mode available).
● MIDI presets for Bank/Program change and CC/RPN/NRPN controllers (learn mode).
● Recording and editing patterns in real time thru internal controls or external devices.
● Patterns with different length can play together (can set Last step for patterns other than 4/4).
● Changes pattern events (Transposition, Velocity, Duration, Automation) during playback.
● Editing individual events or changes all events in track (possibility to make Swing/Shuffle rhythm).
● Song can contain patterns from current project and patterns from any other projects.
● Advanced set of editing functions - insert, delete, move, scroll a single event, measure or entire track.
● Clipboard to copy and paste tracks, measures and events between patterns and songs.
● Playback in background to real time tweak parameters in other running applications.
● Export complete song or individual patterns to MIDI files (include automation).
● Upload and download complete project files to copy on another iPad or backup.
● Access to files through iTunes or any Web browser in local WiFi network.
● Set of different color schemes of interface.

MIDI features:

● Full support of MIDI specification and very accurate timing.
● Support of all external MIDI interfaces based on CoreMIDI (like iRig, MIDI Mobilizer II, StudioConnect, iConnectMIDI, IO dock, Camera Connection Kit).
● Each track can be configured for output to any MIDI channel (or more than one channel) and different devices.
● Creating virtual MIDI port for connect to internal iPad applications (like PPG Wave, SampleTank, iELECTRIBE and many others).
● Synchronization with external device that send MIDI clock.
● Send own MIDI clock to external devices and applications as master device.
● Send transport commands Start/Stop/Continue to (and from) external devices.


● Internal metronome on standard audio output.
● Metronome can start at recording only or at playback and recording.
● Metronome can start immediately or within one or two measures before.

MIDI Console:

● MIDI console displays all input MIDI messages in convenient form.
● Activity indicator shows channels of incoming MIDI messages.
● Displays external BPM value and status of synchronization.

Demo video:

Description and examples of use application:

If you have any suggestion, question or bug report please contact me thru feedback form on my web site: