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Fullbock which gained the first place of the category came back!
Fullbock episode ZERO advent!!
For you, my name of a familiar passage is Takuzo.
He is a very ordinary salaried worker who is anywhere.
It works as a salaried worker ordinarily and has a home ordinarily, and it is living, also feeling a certain amount of happiness.
However, it will be the dearest wife if the place which is different from you, the worlds, only as for one is raised. She is Akemi.
Akemi, a wife, works with child-rearing in housekeeping, and is the bride of the piled about which is not who was able to do it for me!
I also love the wife from the bottom of my heart.
However, there is a place I want only one also of such the wives to correct.
It is the point a degree "is quick-tempered" very much.
If it says simply, it will go out immediately.
It does not have a simple method of angry, either!
you, the worlds, -- "-- it is -- such a thing -- although it may be said as ?", the wife's method of angry is abnormal!
Seemingly, it will be very useless, although a wife is also conscious and seems [ it ] that it is trying correct.
Therefore, it is having a quarrel with the partner well.
even if it calls it a quarrel between husband and wife -- being such -- it must not be equal.
It is one-sided.
I am as hard as possible by exchanging many things which a wife leaves and throws at angry.
In what condition does a wife explain whether it becomes "going berserk" to the beginning?
- He has forgotten morning garbage .
This is sharp.
- He has forgotten to buy the egg for which it was asked.
This is also sharp.
- He has forgotten the recording of a wife's favorite Korean boom drama.
This is also sharp.
- At the time of one person, also when having asked for delivery of sushi was disclosed, it went berserk.
- Even if the bought soy sauce is different in it being usual, go berserk.
If I make a mistake so that it may understand, if it reads so far, it will be basic angry.
That present is still lovely.
However, I am also the family's mainstay.
It continues being damaged.
Occasionally it devises also from me!
- Eat a wife's favorite Mont Blanc secretly.
This is considerably sharp.
- A wife's favorite cup will be broken.
It goes berserk considerably.
- The body is not washed but it is flooded with a bathtub.
This is also considerably sharp.
- When a wife was cold, I avoided the wife most so that cold might not move.
When it devises from me, a wife's angry raises one dimension again.
however, all the things described until now are occurrences with which angry and a wife got angry lovelily -- it may be felt as ?.
There is a taboo in my home.
That it must never carry out to a wife!!
So! A wife has a door which eats forbidden fruits and which must not be opened.
The motion condition is the following.
- Be and it is forgotten to say and .
- A cabaret club is disclosed.
- He forgets a wife's birthday.
When at least one of this "3 The article" is committed, it is doubtful of a human life called me.
Therefore, I avoid today also!! In order to live tomorrow!