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Birds -by Rye Studio™

iPhone / iPad
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  • Education
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Birds are some of the most beautiful creatures on earth. They are also one of the most numerous, second only to fish. Today we know there to be more than 9000 different types of birds. Birds are tenacious survivors and can be found in virtually all corners of the world, from the cold, ice capped reaches of the north and south poles to the hot and steamy tropical regions surrounding the earth’s equator. However, even though they can be found in nearly every possible imaginable climate, birds are often very picky about their habitats, and not every environment is suitable for them. Today, many of these delicate creatures face the threat of extinction, primarily due to the impact of human action. Many of the more famous types of birds are disappearing from the wild at even faster rates because they are being caught and held captive by people. Someone once said that a human society’s level of civilization can be measured by the intimacy of that society with the birds they share their habitat with. Can we even imagine a world without the fluttering dances of birds flying overhead and the soft, cheerful twitters of our feathered friends? In the creation of our application “Birds,” we have deeply felt how vastly incapable we are of adequately expressing the true beauty of birds. Nevertheless, let us love and appreciate birds together! It is only through our love and care that we can assure that the angels of the skies can continue to live harmonious on this beautiful planet that we all share.

1. Special effects, lifelike models and a 360 degree visual touch display. Simple and convenient controls allow the user to manipulate with ease.

2. Here you can see many precious birds of every country including some endangered species.You can see many birds that can't be seen at ordinary times,at the same time ,you can learn a lot about birds.

3. Professional narrations and subtitles in English and Chinese. Lively voice acting brings you into the ocean world.

4. Program available in English and Chinese versions.

5. Rye Music sets the scene with lively sound effects and music for an incredible iPad experience.

6. All new content, stories and animations just for you!