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Impact Internet

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Willem Vermeend is active as Internet Entrepreneur and is professor in Economics and E-business. Until 2002 he was active in Dutch politics, starting as member of the Government's Second Chamber, as State Secretary of the Ministry of Finance, and Minister of Social Affairs and Employment.

This book, implemented as a 'Social Media Book', is targeted at everyone with an interest in Internet in general including all opportunities and threats regarding on-line business and it's impact on society. It is about the way the Internet will change our lives, about new ways of working, start new businesses, learning and new ways of making money. The book includes many practical examples as well as links to all relevant websites and video material. The intention of the book is to give a complete overview of the impact of Internet on society. Many other books regarding Internet, both for dummy's as well as professionals have been released for different targetgroups. Appendix 2 contains a list of various of these books.

This book is very suitable for education purposes: it does not only provide solid basic knowledge regarding important aspects of Internet, it also is a good example in itself, due to it's integration with social media like Facebook and Twitter, of innovative usage of Internet technology.

Einstein Books, Den Haag 2012
(c) Willem Vermeend 2012
Cover design: Robert Adriaansen, Utrecht
Cover image: Corbis/HillCreek
Development Social Media Book: TSS Cross Media Group, Gouda