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Zombie Sounds (FREE)

iPhone / iPad
  • Entertainment
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If you have been looking for a realistic zombie app for iPhone, then you have come to the right place! Zombies are in vogue at the moment with the success of TV series like The Walking Dead and a whole host of zombie related video games out there at the moment. So, if you are planning on giving somebody a scare and want the audio to go with then this brilliant zombie’s soundboard app could be just perfect for you!

With over forty realistic zombie moans, groans and roars you have everything you need to give your friends or an unfortunate passer-by the fright of their lives! Zombies are of course brainless, malicious individuals who will bring you in close and feast on your brains – or anything they can get their jaws into! – So if you want to act like a zombie you’ll need to have the sounds to go with.
This zombie’s app is available for both iPhone and iPad devices so you can easily download it and have it on your person at all times. It’s very simple to use – simply download it HERE and let it run through the installer process. It comes booted with a great library of different zombie sounds from the slow crawlers to the more bombastic types of 28 Days Later style.
You can use these sounds to troll friends, frighten somebody down the other end of the phone for a prank or really complete the look and feel for a dress-up event. This is the perfect companion for anybody who wants to really take the zombie love-in to the whole next level!
The interface of this zombie’s app for iOS is extremely easy to use and once it’s booted up all you need to do is scroll through the various different selections out there to choose from on the soundboard itself. It’s got a great sensitivity to it so you can make sure it’s only playing the noises when you actually want it too.
It has regularly received updates so, too, so you can expect to get even more features and improvements to the interface and level of improvement in the coming months. Make sure that you have the best free zombie out there on the various Apple devices so you can sound authentic. Simply download it from HERE and you can start using it today, and make sure to check out our other wide selection of soundboards and other audio additions from SnDapps!