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¿Who Developed Clinic CSF?

Clinic CSF has been developed by Optometrist Researchers using specific Matlab Tools and Mobile APP programming. Measures Contrast Sensitivity Function with sinusoidal gratings.

Characteristics version 1.0.2.

1.- Uses Sinusoidal Grattings as VCTS or CSV-1000E.
Automathed Phychophysical method of Staircase to Achieve Threshorld.
2.- 4 basic spatial frequencies (3,6,12,18 c.p.d).
3.- Comparison of Results with Normal Age Ranges.
4.- Optional Sound Feedback or Fixation Mask to recognize where the stimulus is.
Show Results in a Figure with normal values for different ages.
5.- Stimulus Generated after calibration with Spyder4Elite.
6.- Possible to personalize your stimulus contrast levels and generate stimulus for your calibrations results. (Please contact with us for this personal option - Best option for researches).

Please, this is a professional app for medical use. It is very important the perfect running for scientific purposes. If you notice any strange results, please contact with support to clearfy, correct bugs or improve the application. In other way you can ask for improvements in the future. Please, rate and comment.