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Alarm Sunrise HD

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Wake up gently to the beautiful rising of the sun in high definition.

Does the jarring screech of your alarm clock wake you up with a start, setting your nerves on edge? Let Alarm Sunrise wake you up naturally and gently, to start the morning feeling calm and refreshed.

Before alarm clocks, people woke with the gradually increasing light of sunrise. Alarm Sunrise wakes you gently over 10 minutes with a sunrise professionally filmed in full HD, accompanied by the gentle sounds of waves crashing on the sea shore or birds chirping in the trees.

- Choose from three beautiful sunrises: Ocean, Lake or Beach
- Full HD video optimised for iPad
- Ocean waves or bird sounds play during sunrise
- 10 minute video gradually increases in brightness and sound
- Normal alarm sound plays after 10 minutes
- Great for shift workers or people resetting their body clocks
- Large, easy to press Snooze and Alarm Off buttons