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Pilot's Tool

iPhone / iPad
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Pilot's Tool is an app designed for private to professional pilots as a one stop shop for various common aviation related calculations and conversions along with other useful tools.

•Conversion calculator
•Fuel Calculator
•Cross Wind and Cross Wind Limit calculator
•Lat / Long format converter
•Density and Press Altitude calculator
•Turn Formulas
•Crew Rest timing calculator
•Who’s Sector random selector

A Conversion calculator is supplied for common aviation unit conversions (e.g. meters to feet, kts to km/h etc.).

The Fuel Calculator will allow you to convert AVTUR or AVGAS from one unit of measurement into another (e.g. AVTUR US Gals into kgs).

The Cross Wind and Cross Wind Limit calculator can be used to determine cross wind and head/tail wind values for a given runway and wind direction/speed. It can also display the maximum wind strength from the set wind direction for a given cross wind limit (e.g. aircraft x-wind limit).

The Lat /Long Converter will convert a given Lat / Long from one format into two other common formats. Formats provided are DDD°MM’SS.S”, DDD°MM.MMM and DDD.DDDDD°.

The Density Altitude calculator will determine ‘Pressure Altitude’ and ‘Density Altitude’ for a given airport elevation, QNH and temperature.

Turn Formulas will determine ‘Turn Rate’, Turn Radius’, ‘G’, ‘VSTALL Increase’ and ‘Angle of Bank (AoB) required for Rate 1 turn’ given TAS and AoB.

The Who’s Sector random selector can be used to determine who is to operate the sector if a coin cannot be found.

The Crew Rest timing calculator can be used to determine rest times during the flight. It has various rest combinations to cater for 3 and 4 crew operations.