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eBookBox English HD – Fun stories to improve reading & language learning

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Watch 26 English animated stories in HD.

E-BookBox App for iPad contains more than 20 English animated stories in HD quality. BookBox engages native authors to create or adapt stories based on their unique cultures and traditions from around the world and only those that bring cultural, social, and educational values to our readers are chosen. The stories are narrated in a clear and child friendly voice.

Watch, read and learn while you have fun.

BookBox stories are based on a methodology called Same Language Subtitling (SLS) where a child relates phonetic sounds with visual subtitles to accelerate the development of reading skills. As proven through sophisticated eye-tracking research when SLS is integrated into a "book", reading happens automatically and subconsciously. BookBox aims to not only enhance children's basic literacy, but also facilitate their proficiency in native & foreign languages.

Preview & buy the entire story as an e-Book

In addition to the high quality animated stories, you can read the entire story, which is available in text format.
You can also preview the e-Book version and buy it for 0.99$ through a very simple in-app purchase process.
Our app allows you to seamlessly restore purchases if required.

Share with friends & family.

Once you have started enjoying our stories, you will most probably want to share it with friends and family. There’s a simple sharing option for Facebook, Twitter and e-mail along with every story.

About BookBox

BookBox is a social enterprise that innovated the concept of “AniBooks” or animated books to support emergent literacy and language skills. We overcome the distribution challenges of print by piping reading to children on digital and electronic media.

In our conception a “book” is a reading experience that can travel in print and other audio-visual media. Our mission is to produce animated stories that are powered by Same Language Subtitling (SLS) a scientifically tested and proven approach to help improve reading skills and language learning, ultimately promoting a love for reading. We create content for any audio-visual media platform such as broadcast TV, DVD/VCD, mobile
phones, handhelds, internet, and last but not least, print.

AniBooks flow from a simple fact – children love to watch cartoons. Thus, AniBooks are animated stories for children, with the narration appearing on-screen as Same Language Subtitles (SLS). BookBox was founded in 2004 after winning a business plan competition at Stanford University, called, the Social e-Challenge. BookBox has so far produced over 30 AniBooks in over 30 languages from around the world. Visit to view them.

In an AniBook, every word is highlighted in perfect timing with the audio, thus reinforcing reading skills, automatically and subconsciously. SLS is a pedagogically sound and proven technique, with known application in early literacy and second language instruction, innovated and pioneered by our partner non-profit PlanetRead (

SLS has received numerous awards/grants/honors some being:
Development Marketplace (The World Bank),
Tech Museum of Innovations (San Jose),
Institute for Social Inventions (London),
The Khemka Foundation,
The Clinton Global Initiative,
The Schwab Foundation, Nasscom Foundation and USAID.

Some awards BookBox products have also won: First Place Winner, BookBox “Stories from Around the World”, 2009 KIDS FIRST! Best Winners, December 2009

Winner, Dr. Toy’s ten best Audio-Video Products for 2009, San Francisco, CA,
October 1, 2009.

Mom’s Choice Award, Children’s DVD, 2007 Finalist - The First well and other
readable stories, BookBox Inc.

“Good clean simple and positive. What the world needs to return to.” - Steve Kulpa

"The narration was perfect. The illustrations were appealing to the eye. My toddler listened intently from beginning to end." - Rosalinda Mercado-Garza (user)