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Plantific Ocean

iPhone / iPad
  • Games
  • Entertainment
  • Adventure
  • Puzzle
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Meet Thomas – a courageous and curious boy exploring the world of Plantific Ocean in search of treasure and adventure.

Along the way Thomas encounters many different creatures and obstacles blocking his path. He depends on you to help him get past them, find the best route and reach the treasure at the end safely.

Plantific Ocean is a creative puzzle game where you combine different resources to make various paths and items to solve each level. You will have a limited amount of resources to create Thomas’s path to the finish line, but also to create the combination items he will need to conquer obstacles and creatures on his way.


Draw a path for Thomas to help him get from start to finish. Find the fastest route that uses the least amount of resources. Make different types of paths for different types of terrain. Be sure to save enough resources for creating the items you’ll need along the way.


Combine your resources to create items that help you get past obstacles and defeat creatures. Make sure to manage your resources, so you don’t run out before Thomas has reached the finish line.


Keep track of the new recipes you discover in the Recipe Book. Different resources, or different amounts of a resource, combine to make different items. Browse the recipes for hints to combinations that will make new items.


Gold, precious stones, pearls and magical items! The treasures that Thomas finds on his travels pile up on display in the Trophy room.