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HEX Editor Lite

iPhone / iPad
  • Utilities
  • Productivity
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HEX Editor Lite version is similar to HEX Editor App but without the built-in Web-Downloader feature (this feature is available via an in-app purchase if you decided to use it later). It allows you to view & edit the raw data contents of a file. The data of the file are represented in two columns; hexadecimal paired values & ASCII characters. Lite version .

HEX Editor supports editing & viewing on all types of file (regardless of OS platform). With its simple UI yet packed with features, editing any type of files on-the-go will be effortless. Features include:

1. Import & export files via this App's iTunes shared folder or via email.

2. Supports file transfer to device via web browser on user's PC / Mac with it's built-in web server!

3. Import photos & videos from your device Photo Library to your App! This will allow full resolution photo or video to be copied to your App for editing.

4. File management now supports direct renaming of files!

5. File preview feature supports viewing of any iOS compatible file types directly within this App. This will also allow any files to be exported to any other Apps which support it.

6. Search function supports searching of HEX or TEXT values within the file.

7. "Jump to.." function allows user to directly go to specific byte in the file making navigation so seamless.

8. Offset tracking allows user to see the current viewing / editing location in the file.

Please email us for suggestions, comments or any bug reports at & kindly spare some time to rate this App in the App Store to show your support.

IMPORTANT NOTES : Editing the raw content of a file may rendered the file to be useless. Make sure you know what your are editing & we shall not be liable for any kind of damages to the system or software due to the use of this App.


1. How to transfer files from Email attachments:
Open your mail application & go to your email with the file that you want to open in it. Select hold the attachment, sub menu will appear & you will be able to select "OPEN IN HEX Editor". Note that this feature only support files that conforms to Apple's UTI "" type in order to be recognized by the email application.

2. How to copy files to / from this App's iTunes shared folder:
First open iTunes & select your idevice from the left column under DEVICES. Now select "Apps" tab from the top bar & scroll to bottom most of this page & you will see "File Sharing" section. Under Apps, select HEX Editor & document folder with list of files of this App listed on the right column. You can now select "Add.." & copy any files from your Mac/PC to this folder or you can copy files from this Apps folder to your Mac/PC by selecting "Save to..".

3. How to transfer files to device via web browser on PC / Mac:
First connect your device to LAN. Start Hex Editor & you can switch on the web server function via the greyed wifi icon on the top left section on the main menu. If successful, IP address will be shown & you need to open your web browser to connect to your device with the IP address as shown. The greyed wifi icon will also changed it's color into green. On the web browser, use the upload button to select & upload any files from your PC / Mac to your device.

4. How to import photos & videos to device:
Just use the 'Import Photo & Video' features that will bring you to the Photo Library & select your desired file.