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Hoopla! is an offline board game that allows two to four teams compete against each other to see who can reach the finish the fastest. The team that can solve the most trivia questions, word scrambles, phrase puzzles, and sketch guesses the fastest and move around the game board the first wins!

Being an offline game allows families to sit around the table with their iPad and play a game together without worrying about all those pesky pieces and cards -- and you don't need an internet connection! Hoopla! handles everything and at a much lower price! It's also great for road trips and vacations!

There are four different mini games that make up Hoopla! including: Trivia, Unscramble (anagrams), Guess the Sketch (similar to pictionary), and 5 Strikes (guess the word/phrase). Hoopla! contains over 1,500 combined challenges for these mini games!

Hoopla! has three different difficulty levels; Kids, All Ages and Adults.

Read the in-app Rules to learn more about how to play Hoopla!!

* Over 1,500 combined game challenges (trivia, anagrams, words/phrases to draw and guess)
* Auto-save feature to allow you to stop and resume your games at any time
* The ability to play with 2, 3, or 4 teams
* Three difficulty levels (kids, all ages, adults) to ensure fun for everyone that wants to play
* The ability to set different difficulty levels for each team to allow adults play at a harder level then children to keep the game fun and fair!

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Have fun!