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Encyclopedia of Freemasonry

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Now specially built for the iPad and includes 16 rare bonus books!

This encyclopedia includes over 32,000 words.

Also included is a rare collection of 16 Masonic books to add to your collection. Here's your chance to own the best Masonic literature and have thousands upon thousands of pages at your fingertips. You won't find a better collection of Masonic history for this low price. Great for any Freemason, or for those interested in Freemasonry. This app is ad free!

Each book keeps your place so you can exit and come back later to continue reading from where you left off. Also included is a section for you to keep your reading notes.

List of included Books:

Encyclopedia of Freemasonry - Written by Albert Mackey
The Chakras
The Misraim Rite
Masonic Treatise
The Book of Words
The Duty of the Master
The Story of Hiram Abiff
Freemasonry and Catholicism
The Obelisk and Freemasonry
The Book of Ceremonial Magic
The Annihilation of Freemasonry
Masonic Funeral Service (guide)
Secret Symbols of the Rosicrucians
Devil Worship in France - Propaganda
The Scottish Ancestory of Freemasons
The Beginnings of Free and Accepted Masonry
Landmarks in the History of the Legends of Freemasonry