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Visual Metronome Pro

iPhone / iPad
  • Music
  • Education
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Visual Metronome Pro combines classic metronome functionality with innovative features that will make your music experience sing! The bluetooth capabilities, tap tempo, saved songs, and the visual components of this app truly make this simple metronome one that you can’t live without.

The elegant and simplistic design uses gestural sliders to adjust brightness and beat per minute. There are also + and - buttons to more accurately program your bpm. The bpm range is from 30-240.

**Bluetooth Syncing**
Set the metronome on one device and let it sync seamlessly with multiple devices. This is a perfect feature for bands, orchestras, music teachers, or anyone playing or singing with someone else.

You can set your bluetooth feature to server mode, client mode, or bluetooth off.
server mode- This becomes the controlling device. Set the tempo and time signature and the metronome will display on all devices that are synced.

client mode- This will allow you to receive the settings from the server device.

**Tap Tempo**
Set the tempo by tapping up to four times. Perfect when you want to customize your tempo.

**Save Songs*
Simply add a song to your favorites, and the title, bpm, and time signature will be saved along with the date of creation. Access your saved songs to make practicing that much easier.

**Visually Based**
This metronome is visually based with two different visual options to choose from. The conductor setting uses triangles to mimic the movements of a conductor’s wand. The flow setting flows across the screen in conjunction with each beat.

Both settings use color to visually represent each beat, giving you the option to mute/unmute the audio click to suit your needs. There is also a brightness slider so when you are playing in a dark facility, the metronome can be adjusted accordingly.

This metronome was designed by a musician for musicians. I hope you enjoy it as much as we do.