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iRecognize® – Custom Photo Flashcards for Learning and Recall

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Using your photos, text, and voice, create custom flashcards for learning and recall with iRecognize® or use preloaded libraries.

iRecognize® is perfect for people of any age. Customize flashcards to quiz yourself or someone else on any subject, using images and audio to improve memory and learning. As a teacher, prepare your students for upcoming tests by building custom practice exams, or use the available libraries to quiz students on topics like state capitals and US presidents.

With iRecognize®, the only limit is what you can imagine. Create custom libraries using photos of familiar people, places, and things to help someone with autism or Alzheimer’s. Help a preschooler learn basic concepts and record your voice telling them that they got it correct or encourage them to keep trying. The flexibility of iRecognize® is truly endless!

Speech-Language Pathologists will find the LARK (ProEd, Inc.) vocabulary available to help persons with language deficits.

Improve and test all types of skills and have fun with iRecognize!

iRecognize Features
- Create custom quizzes for anyone!
- Add custom audio and visuals to each card.
- Record your voice to create custom prompts or feedback.
- Pre-loaded libraries are suitable for kids, students and adults.
- Available photo libraries of the Language Activity Resource Kit (LARK), ProEd,Inc
- Create quizzes in any language, or any combination of languages! Perfect for language classes
- Create cards or use available libraries to help those with autism or Alzheimer’s
- Familiar flashcard/matching game format. iRecognize is easy to pick up and use
- Customizable levels of difficulty
- Great educational or therapy tool for kids, students and adults who are learning
- Track your progress in every exercise with iRecognize’s results tool.

Whether you’re looking to study for class with custom flashcards, test general knowledge and pop trivia, or help someone to recall familiar people, places, and things, iRecognize® provides the tools for you. With the fully customizable flashcards, the only limit is your imagination!

Download iRecognize® and start building your own quizzes and flashcards today!

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