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BEDMAS is a free educational application for mathematics. It is directed towards curriculum from grade 1 to 9. This app is also free from advertising and completely functional without in-app purchases!

Exercises include:
• addition
• subtraction
• multiplication
• division
• number forms
• long multiplication
• long division
• exponents
• BEDMAS - order of operations
Exercises give immediate feedback for each step so that students can determine whether they are making arithmetic or conceptual errors.

This app tracks users results:
• step accuracy
• question accuracy
• concept mistakes
• answer speed
• number of questions
This gives users feedback on their progress. This is an important part of learning. If too many conceptual errors are made, students will be asked if they want to review the lesson guide.

Input for answers is provided in several formats so students can choose a style that they are familiar with:
• phone pad
• calculator pad
• keyboard

Tutorials are provided for each exercise, so students can learn on their own or with the aid of their teacher or tutor. Tutorials are also provided as YouTube video lessons accessible from the app.

For students not ready to do mental math, this app provides a scratchpad to work out calculations.

For those who don't have access to personal devices, this app allows for multiple students to create their own accounts. This allows individual students to track their own progress.

To educators: This app differentiates exercises when the goal is learning a concept other than arithmetic. It allows the students to learn just the concepts. When their arithmetic skills improve, they can then go back to do the exercises with arithmetic.

Privacy is of utmost concern, therefore this app is not linked to any social networking. All results are local and never sent to a server unless you choose to do so. However, no contact information will be required.

Developed by a member of the British Columbia College of Teachers and professional software developer.