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Photographic Effects

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Effects is a Digital Image Processor (DIP) for iPad.

It allows to select an image from the archive, or to shot a new photo with the internal camera, then process it using one of four different image processing algorythms.

The four processing effects are:

1) Bass Relief: creates a new gray scale image with an Embossing effect. It is suitable for any kind of image, provided it has a good contrast.

2) Contour: creates a drawing obtained detecting the border lines between areas with different brightness.
Best results are obtained with images with a strong contrast.

3) Pseudo Colors: creates a new colored image, converting different brightness levels of the original picture into different color hues. It can produce many different color combinations on the same image, giving a kind of Kandinskij effect.

4) Deformer: introduces a barrel distortion, compressing some portions of the original image, and inflating other ones. This effect is specially suitable for close-up portraits, and creates very funny variations.

When the application starts, you are prompted to choose the image source: archive or camera shot.

Once you ha picked an image, you are prompted to choose one of four processing methods. Touch one of the four sampling images to select the type of effect you prefer.

When selection is done, the desired effect will be applied to the picked image, and the result shown.

If the selected effect is Pseudo Colors, you can change the brightness-to-color translation, simply touching the resulting image one or more times.

At this point, if you like the image produced, you can save it in the local archive, pressing the Save Image button.

Then, you can get a new image to process.