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Scientific Calculator EQ7 Pro

iPhone / iPad
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The EQ7 is a professional, accurate, full-featured scientific calculator designed for the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. It offers the powerful features of a handheld calculator, with an improved interface to enhance user experiences. While designed primarily for mathematicians, engineers, and students, this calculator is accessible to anyone.


• Large multi-lined display with automatically adjusting font size for long equations
• Morphing keyboard that accommodates user needs
• Equation history
• Store favourite equations
• Display answers as fractions and mixed numerals
• Assign variables and constants
• Switch bases: binary, octal, decimal, and hexadecimal
• Complex numbers
• Conversions
• Trigonometry
• Probability
• Generate random numbers
• Calculus (integration, and differentiation)
• Solving equations (determine the x value which reduces the equation to zero)
• Euclidean and floored division modulus
• Greatest common divisor
• Least common multiple
• Average
• Median
• Series
• Product of a sequence of terms
• Sign (sgn)
• Sexagesimal (degrees, minutes, seconds)
• Polar and rectangular coordinates
• Configurable rounding mode for displayed answers
• Radians, degrees, and gradians
• Normal, scientific, engineering, and fixed notation
• Full help documentation (click the advanced button entitled "help")
• Customizable Colors