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Base Jumping & Wingsuit Flying

iPhone / iPad
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Breathtaking action all the way through with this app that has some 500 Base Jumping and Wingsuit Flying videos.

The word extreme is a understatement for what these guys get up to!

The app has many easy to use features:

Take The Guided Tour to see how you can...

*** play the clips
*** alter the clip title
*** alter the clip description
*** add your own user notes
*** give your own rating to each clip
*** skip backwards and forwards between the video groups

The clips are far too numerous to list but include:

Base Jump Idaho
Burj Dubai World Record BASE Jump
Passenger bails out of Blanik Glider
Exit Point 3 - Stratosphere Las Vegas
E60 Feature Wing and a Prayer
Shane - Ski Base Jump
Discovery Channel Wingsuit BASE Jumping Video
Learning to Fly Trailer - Chris McNamara BASE Jumping
The Quest for Wingsuit Landing
Sick Base Jumps
BASE jumping TOUR
AMAZING base jump
Basejumping Compilation Part 1
Base Jump
BASE Jumping Compilation
Fearless - The Jeb Corliss Story part 55
Fearless - The Jeb Corliss Story part 45
Fearless - The Jeb Corliss Story part 35
Fearless - The Jeb Corliss Story part 25
Fearless - The Jeb Corliss Story part 15
BASE Jumping Low Pull
Hypoxia - Base942
Base Jump - Millet
Red Bull BASE jumper pulls at 100ft in the Alps
1ntensity isBase Jumping off wind turbines
Base Jump Malaga
BASE Jumping News Story
Ultra Extreme Base Jumping
BASEJUMP DREAMSThat is true human flight
Very low BASE Jump
BASE Jumping in Mexico with Go Fast
Stunt Junkies Reverse Bungee
BASE jumping Forever - Great BASE Footage
No Special Effects
troll wall bust jump
we fly u try
Wing Suit Fly By MUST SEE

This is a small selection from the 500 clips!