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How Do I Get Rich - Make More Money, Achieve Success, Gain Financial Freedom

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How Do I Get Rich Using Quotes?
The Invisible, Magical and Mystical Power of Quotes and Affirmations and Action Steps.

This is an app that helps you get in the mindset to gain great wealth, riches, increase your income, get a new job and have success in life and anything else you desire.

“The Energy To Transform Your Life Is In The Quote” -Victoria Johnson

Success Stories…
-Struggling business owner used these concepts and quotes to go from losing to tripling her income!
-An unemployed man who felt hopeless and useless became a partner in a new business!
-An MLM Leader used the these action steps and got this for his entire downline

You have the power to convert trash into treasures and build your ruins into riches.

All you need is the secrets the ancients used for centuries to convert any idea into a veritable fortune. Victoria has scoured the scrolls and refined the formula they used. It is now yours when you tap into the strategies she has put together for you. You now can join the upper echelon of wealth creators all over the world who have hid, and even ridiculed these ideas, so that the average person would not even try to use them.

This app has hundreds of Power Invoking Quotes, Dozens of Power Building Affirmations and Income Generating Actions Steps to Transform Your Income and Enrich Your Life!

What have your buried deep inside that is knocking at your entrepreneurial heart. Every one of us has un-mined gold that is our gem to riches. This book gives you extraordinarily unique tools to help you succeed.


-You will never gain financial freedom and time for your favorite joys by working a regular job. You have to tap into your dormant powers that you were born with but never activated.


Quotations have saved lives, built businesses, made marriages and created nations. One great quote interpreted at the right time can literally move mountains. There is enough power in a word to get a person to give up a fortune or inherit one.

You have been given a secret to creation that very few will ever know, read about or understand. Your head should be swirling right now. Your crown chakra is raging with potentiality beyond measure. You have just been given one of the most powerful keys to the kingdom. You will be able to create success in every endeavor you choose.

HOW QUOTATIONS, AFFIRMATIONS AND ACTION STEPS CAN MAKE YOU RICH AND ENRICH YOUR LIFE……The power is in the quote! Use these quotes daily to inspire & attract great wealth & ideas

You can learn to experience another dimension of power and possibility through using the power of this app. By using quotations to start your day, lift you up when you are down and bring clarity when you are confused, you will gain insight and fresh directions daily.

“A single idea, the sudden flash of a thought, may be worth a million dollars”
Robert Collier – American Motivational Author 1885-1950

All it takes is one idea to make you rich. Ideas are art. They are open to each individual’s interpretation. Ideas are alive. They have energy and power. They are the force that creates and drives new markets, products and entertainment. Everything we eat, drink, ride, wear, watch, listen to and entertain ourselves with started as an idea.

-One Idea Made a Single Mom become a millionaire
-One Idea Helped an Overweight Singer get a record contract
-One Idea catapulted a Broke Guy into doing his own app business

Inside this app you will learn the secrets of the ancients of how to get into a vibrational state that will draw to you the ideas, sources and resources you need to achieve high levels of success in every area of your life.

YOU ARE THE ALCHEMIST OF YOUR DESTINY! Get this app and use it everyday!!