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Blackhole Joe In Space: Attack The Lost Swamp Empire

iPhone / iPad
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Black Hole Joe - Play it once and you will see….

This PeruvianHat creation is yet another exciting game for kids!

Help Joe Delite save his family from the destruction of his planet.

In this gliding shooting game you will help Joe fight through planetary debris that has been ravaged by the intense gravitational pull of a rogue blackhole.

In this action packed game Joe’s planet is subjected to the immense tidal force that is literally pulling the beautiful planet apart. As a super hero, Joe is hell-bent on saving his family, along with many others of his people.

Joe will have to fly through a debris field, created by his crumbling planet, with exceptional accuracy.

In this exciting shooting game he will have to use his laser to shoot through a chain of dangerous obstacles.

You, as Joe, will be flying a jetpack studded spacesuit to find a way to Joe’s home and save his loving family.

As the blackhole gets closer and closer, the gravitational force gets stronger and the debris field flies faster. Joe must fly through space carefully to avoid the flying dangers.

Some amazing features of the game are:

- The original artwork - Too good to resist!
- The music is out of this world!
- The sound effects are fantastic!

The main strategy is to use Joe’s laser weapon and the attack the flying debris. Those who love adventure and space are bound to get addicted.

You, as Joe, are the sole protector of the planet, and it is in your hands to save and protect those you love. You must fight all forces of the blackhole for your family’s survival along during the death of a planet.

It is highly recommended for those who love space games. Download it today and get a feel for the theme. Post your comments, give suggestions or propose your own plan.

For first timers, here’s a tip – Bang, bang, bang throughout your first flight. Keep a strong will to survive and you will come out victorious.

The inhabitants of the planet are looking up to Joe for their survival.

So, gamers, give your best shot at it and don’t look back. Keep going until you succeed. Become the master, the savior and the protector.

Look up, conquer your fear and fly. Eradicate everything that comes your way. Joe must succeed.

Blackhole Joe has been created using beautiful graphics mixed with an addictive theme for game play.

No doubt, it is Indie gaming at its best!!

And the good news is – this fun-filled action packed space game is designed to support both iPhone & iPad.