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Story of Noah's Ark

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The second episode of "Noah's Ark"
God made Adam and Eve. They multiply many offspring. Unfortunately, some people with evil angels have children. These kids want to do evil all days. So human beings corrupt before God. God want to punish the living creatures in the earth and decide to flood the Earth. Will human beings be extinct? Who can help all creatures in the earth to flee the disaster? What's the fate of human?

With children's Bible story series audio books, reading the Bible is no longer boring with adorable characters and rich color pictures. Children will be impressed. You don't have to worry about no time to read stories for your children. Children will be attached to the vivid reading with animation and audio. The story is selected from the series consisting of the classic story of the Bible. Language is close to the original story but more playful and easy to understand. So children can understand the story by reading once and can repeat the story. Children can also learn how to paint and color by the drawing exercises.