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emoTouch is a scientific research tool that was designed primarily for reasearch on musical emotions but can also be used for a lot of other topics.

In an emoTouch session the participant can continuously mark his reactions to music or video played by the device or a live performance in one or two dimensions. As an example emoTouch can be applied for recording emotional self-report using the two-dimensional emotion space with its dimensions valence (negative – positive) and arousal (active – passive). For the first time, emoTouch provides a tool where the participant may intuitively touch the emotion space itself.

A lot of implemented features and options enable emoTouch to work as a suitable tool for numerous research topics:

• user feedback options: a smiley or custom image to mark the position and a „worm“, visualizing the just performed movement
• mark special events (e.g. musical chills) with a special gesture
• music and video selection from the device's media library
silent mode for rating live performances
configurable coordinate system with user-defined labels
limit the dimension to x- or y-axis only. In this mode emoTouch may work as a one-dimensional slider.
free choice of background images to adjust the design and scaling to your question, also as a (partial) overlay on the video
• sampling frequencies up to 30 samples per second
• replay mode for displaying recorded data in realtime, also several sessions/participants at the same time and optional visualization of mean and standard deviation
• data export to a configurable text file that can be used with all standard statistic programs

emoTouch is only available in English, but provides options to change all the text that participants in a study will see, so any language can be used.

emoTouch is a development of the chair of systematic musicology of the University of Osnabrück (Prof. Dr. Christoph Louven, Carolin Scholle).