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Welcome to NOTEST

This app is to help you study for a test using the notes you have taken. By tapping the "Edit" button, you can enter all the notes you want. Save each set of notes in separate files so that when it's time for finals, you can go back to the ones you need to and do quick studies on them and test your retention.
If that's as much effort as you want to put into it, then you can come back to this page and read over your notes.
Once you're finished, you can take a quiz about them.
The app will go through and automatically select random words from each sentence and random words from the rest of the notes and create a multiple choice test.

Better Questions
If you would like to have better questions, you can assign certain words such as:
* keywords - Specific words in your notes that you need to know
* terms - Specific words that have a definition on the page
* definitions - the meaning of specific terms
* decoys - Words that you can add to the bottom of the page that don't belong in your notes, but could trip you up.
* When you use these options, these are the only words that will be used in the multiple choices.

If you want, you can make your notes look better by adding
# tables - for better formatting
# bullet/number points - for organization
# groupings - for keeping like ideas together
# pictures - for more visual notes
# even links to more information if you like.

The more time you take setting up your notes, the better your studying and questions will be.