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Practical Observational Astronomy App for iPad

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The most practical astronomy app...

The Practical Observational Astronomy App (P.O.A.App) is designed to help with the long nights observing as an aid to locating astronomical objects like the sun, moon, planets, constellations and common named celestial objects. Using the iPhone's internal compass and accelerometers you can easily and conveniently search out objects in the sky. P.O.A.App also has a touch mode so you can scan the sky using your finger tips, even on devices without sensors, for example iPod Touch.

Features include:

> Multiple orientation - select to point either the back or top of your iPhone towards the object in the sky.
> Game Mode - The best way of learning about the sky. Test your knowledge of where the planets, sun, moon and constellations are in the sky (or below the ground!)
> Object Goto - Select an celestial object from the built in database and P.O.A.App will point you in the right direction. You can create you own favourites list when planning your night's observing.
> Integral torch and brightness controls to save switching between apps.

In-app purchase includes:

Multi-wavelength sky database. Explore the sky from gamma-ray wavelengths all the way out to radio.
Brightness control of background sky independently of screen brightness.
Full goto navigation of Messier Objects.
Removal of adverts!

P.O.A.App is the results of many, many hours of development, some of which were during clear, cold winter nights.