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Photo Spots (People and Culture)

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Photo hunts game (Spot the difference) with backdrop of people and culture of the world. Explore the globe with breathtaking imagery. This game is packed with a 100 pictures with more to come on every update. Spot 3 differences before countdown clock expires. Test your observational skills and reaction time today!

This game is packed with 100 pictures including....

01.Women Digging Rajasthan
02.Altar Boys Spain
03.Children Ball Game
04.Moviegoers Baghdad
05.Coal Yard Buddha
06.Cricket Game Bangladesh
07.Hadza Man Spotting Game
08.Fort Mcmurray Essick
09.Costa Rica Life Allard
10.Tightrope Performer India

11.Nuns Cartagena Colombia
12.Boy Calcutta Majumbar
13.Children Flood Bangladesh
14.Basque Farmers Allard
15.Cafe Amsterdam
16.Chinese Opera Troupe
17.Formula One Lithuania
18.Girls Newsstand
19.Gravel Lawns Blair
20.Chinese Opera Singers

21.Kuvale Herdsman Wentzel
22.Window Cairo
23.Nepal Monks Kids Glasses
24.Mong Kok Leong
25.Ice Cream Truck Greece
26.Kyrgyz Girls Paley
27.Tango Buenos
28.Monks Lanterns Thailand
29.Sufi Dancer
30.Buddhist Festival Myanmar

31.Cricket Game India
32.Cyclists Mumbai India
33.Afghan National Police Kabul
34.Dhaka Bangladesh Train
35.Camel Trader India
36.Cowboys Montana Allard
37.Esil River Bathers Ludwig
38.Indian Punkti Nomad
39.Illegal Miners Olson
40.Home Libya Steinmetz

41.Hamar Portrait Ethiopia
42.Dance Practice Australia
43.Goat Herd Somaliland
44.Kremlin Gates Moscow
45.Kumbh Allahabad Vore
46.Goat Herder Girls Djibouti
47.Man Mural Turkey
48.Man Motorbike India
49.Monks Chanting
50.Phone Booths Ormiston

51.Mother Daughter Lanting
52.Reindeer Herder Siberia
53.Pilgrims Egypt
54.People Beach Gaza Pellegrin
55.Russian Orthodox Priest
56.Roma Woman Gachet Kashinsky
57.Old House Bosnia
58.Italy Venice Carnival
59.Westminster Abbey London Richardson
60.Twins Italy Scherschel

61.Twilight Prayer India
62.Decoy Indusriver Olson
63.Teenager Timbuktu Mali
64.Stream Seoul Girard
65.Dinka Cow Sudan
66.Monks Bhutan
67.Woman Kissing Salmon
68.El Khader Remains
69.Al Kazimiyah Shrine
70.Good Friday Procession Italy

71.Kocatepe Mosque Turkey
72.Sami Youth Larsen
73.Tuareg Women Birth Celebration
74.West Sumatra Gas Station
75.Sunny Day Paris
76.Train Ride Istanbul
77.Uttar Pradesh Portrait
78.Sorting Wheat India
79.Singing Sevastopol
80.Girl Baobabs Madagascar

81.People Cuba Pellegrin
82.Nujood Ali Portrait
83.Countryside Music Mongolia
84.Hmong Child Buffalo
85.Kyrgyz Herders Paley
86.Pagoda Steps Nepal
87.Green Lake Mount Abu
88.Farmers France
89.Bangalore Hip Hop
90.Camel Fair

91.Bridal Procession
92.Poovar Beach India
93.Shadows Cottage Spain
94.New Born Johnson
95.Mohawk River Stewart
96.Sand Dune Vo
97.Caravanner Camels Stirton
98.Kambala Buffalo Race India
99.Laborers Tansa Kashi
100.Circumcision Ceremony South Africa