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Carnival of Animals: Music Education for Your Kids

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We all have musical ability. It’s part of our nature. But children between 2 and 6 are in a golden era of brain development when they are most responsive to musical learning.

Our “Carnival of Animals” is not just an amusing interlude, it enables your children to explore music and learn about the animals and the world in an engaging way. Simple and funny image spectrums which designed by experienced music teachers are like sheet music. They show the highs and lows, the longs and shorts, and the varying pace of music. Your children can enjoy the music and develop basic musicality by following the rhythm. They can also feel and learn about different aspects of music in the activities.

What to learn?
In our “Carnival of Animals” interactive teaching material, we use Saint Saëns’ wonderful music to enable children to explore the different elements of music:

• Learn about most important elements of music: duration, pitch, volume and timbre etc.
• To have good rhythm, one must first learn pulses that are continuous and steady.
• Follow the beat and tap on funny image spectrums.
• Emphasize strong beats with different levels of force.
• Experiencing triple time and ternary form is not difficult at all
• Find different musical phrases from the piece.
• In accordance with the pitch of music and find out melodic contour.
• Get to know Saint-Saëns and his famous music Carnival of Animals.

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