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CircusMath – Mathematics Grade 3

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CircusMath is an ideal companion for the mathematical learning in the Elementary School and provides lots of exercise sheets and calculating variations for practicing and deepening.

*** LEARNING CONTROL: There is a password-protected student area. Here is a list of all experienced sheets, mistakes and other useful statistics! For parents and students a way to better learning success!

*** Many Calculation Sheets, task variants and brain teasers in the full version!

+ All tasks are randomly generated,
+ BRAIN TEASERS, deepen the playful handling of numbers, including "Find the right numbers!"

-> Numbers to 100 and rarely to 1000:
Tasks as in GRADE 1 and 2 only in the higher number space and in addition:
+ Ten transition to 100
+ Pyramids in several variants!
+ Clock and time
+ Calculating with whole tens to 100
+ Multiply
+ Divide
+ Decimal system and Symbols
+ Rounding up and down,
+ Sequences and series
+ Hundreds panel
+ Divide with remainder
+ Written addition and subtraction
+ Lots of plus and minus
+ Larger or smaller
+ Halving, doubling
+ Plus and minus in the table
+ Task chains
+ Predecessors and successors
+ Calculating and adjusting
+ Find the right result

The tasks editor lets you create your own tasks and can put together in a tasks sheet!

*** RechnerLE integrated and accessible on ANY(!) Calculation Sheet! If the big brother KIDS-CALCULATOR was purchased as an option, this is called!

*** Stay tuned with your friends and your tasks via email or on Facebook!

Please let us know what you like or would have to change ... or simply if you like CircusMath! THANK YOU! :-)