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Awesome Mind Reader

  • Entertainment
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"This app is intended for entertainment purposes only and does not provide true mind reading functionality"

Do you want to read minds of your friends or family members or loved ones? Now you can, with this Awesome Mind Reader app for iPad devices. With this secrete magic game app, you can get the power of reading minds. Awesome Mind reader magic game for iPad will let you read the minds of your loved ones and even strangers. The Awesome Mind Reader is number magic game, which displays what exactly you thinks.
There are so many number games for iPad devices, but this number game magic is unique and fun. In this number game app, you need to choose a two digit number. Then sum that two digits and subtract that sum with the original two digit number you have selected. Memorize the result, and then look at the chart for the symbol infront of your result after the subtraction. Memorize the symbol in your mind and then click on the crystal ball. This magic game app will display the symbol which you have chosen. That’s the magic of this cool number game app, “Awesome Mind Reader.”

So get ready to amaze your friends and family members with the number games for iPad, Awesome Mind Reader app. Just pick a two digit number, follow some simple instructions and choose a symbol. But remember, don’t click on the symbols and don’t let other know what the symbol is. This Awesome Mind Reader app will get right into the depth of your mind and will retrieve the symbol for you. This number game app comes with high-quality graphics, background music and sound effects to enhance your gaming experience. So what are you waiting for, download this Awesome Mind Reader app now to surprise your friends.