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Baseball TradeValue

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A breakdown of Major League Baseball trades where player seasonal performances for their new team are presented in a monetary format, added together and a winner of the trade is proclaimed.

The players involved in each deal are listed and the production they have accumulated for their new team is shown in a monetary format ($) called MLvalue.

The MLvalue stat consists of a player batting, fielding and pitching stats converted to money.

Dollars are awarded for such stats as hits,HR's,put-outs,innings pitched etc... While dollars are taken away for such stats as errors, batting strikeouts, caught stealing, hitting into double plays, HR's allowed etc...

In the end you are left with a super-metric that is powerful in creation but SIMPLE to understand.

Note: deals with active MLB players are still live and each year MLvalue is updated. This can change the winner of the deal from time to time.

Enjoy this free app and most of all remember to "Respect the season!".