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Hexes - the original Hexic game

iPhone / iPad
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Does the old-school MSN game mean a lot for you and now you are looking for a great alternative of Hexic? This is your app!

Hexes - just like Hexic - is a tile-matching puzzle game where you should rotate hexagonal tiles to create certain patterns.The objective of Hexes is to rotate hexagonal pieces of various colors and clear them from the board by forming clusters or flowers.
Clusters are formed when three pieces of the same color touch each other. Pieces above the cleared pieces fall, potentially forming more clusters and causing chain reactions, and new pieces appear at the top of the board.
Bonuses are awarded for clearing more than three pieces at a time, and some pieces contain bonus stars, which yield extra points and can clear larger groups of pieces depending on how they are cleared.
You can create a "silver-star" by arranging six like-coloured pieces into a hexagon or "flower", surrounding a piece of a different color or type. The surrounding pieces are cleared, and the center piece is replaced by a silver-star (unless the center piece was already a silver-star, in which case a new silver-star drops from the top). A silver-star allows you to rotate all surrounding pieces clockwise or counterclockwise.
Forming a flower of silver-stars changes the center piece into a black pearl, which allows you to move three surrounding pieces in a Y or inverted Y pattern.
The ultimate goal of the game is to form a cluster or flower of black pearls, after which the game will end.
Bombs appear occasionally throughout the game. A bomb is colored like other pieces on the board and can be defused by rotating it into a cluster or flower of the same color. The counter on the bomb counts down with each move, and if allowed to reach zero, it explodes and the game is over. Defusing a bomb by clustering it with at least one multiplier piece of the same color causes all pieces of the same color as the bomb to instantly clear from the board.

Good luck & have fun!