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PAVE (Peripatetic Audio Visual Ensemble)
Liubo Borissov, Konrad Kaczmarek, Eric Rieper

Scheduled performances June 21-22, 2pm and 7pm starting at the northern entrance to River Terrace,
Rockefeller Park in Lower Manhattan. For more information visit

Made with the Palimpsest Framework by Augmented Mountain. Presented by LMCC as part of the
Laurie Anderson curated track with Make Music New York, 2013.

This collaborative project brings together digital bricoleur Liubo Borissov, award-winning
composer Konrad Kaczmarek and digital artist and sound designer Eric Rieper
to superimpose new sights and sounds on the streets and parks of Lower Manhattan.
Download the app, take the trip, and experience this historic neighborhood
with new eyes and ears.

The Peripatetic Audio Visual Ensemble is a site-specific interactive augmented reality composition,
which unfolds in space and time. You can participate by joining one of the scheduled performances
during the 2013 River to River Festival in New York or visit the site on your own time. The work is best
experienced as an ensemble, so be sure to bring your friends. You will need devices running iOS 6 or
later with camera and GPS capability. Make sure your batteries are fully charged. The experience lasts
between half an hour to an hour depending on your pace.

The PAVE application takes the user on a guided walk through ten sites. When the application starts,
you will see the camera view of your device. Pressing the info (i) button will give you instructions
to the next site. If you get lost, just tilt the device slightly down and pan around -- a bright orange
line will appear leading you to the next site. If you are really lost, you can also refer to the map below.
Each site is marked by a large virtual sculpture. As you approach the sculpture, you will hear music
associated with the site. A visual overlay will appear enabling you to interact with the music.
Depending on where you are, the buttons, sliders and switches will have a different effect.
Explore, listen, play and become a voice in the ensemble.